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기사 (전체 27건)
Korea's inconsistent historical perception
Our people went through a painful time during Japanese colonial rule from 1...
Jeong Seung-in, reporter  |  2017-11-26 01:07
No.241 crossword quiz answers
※ The representative of a gift voucher for this issue is Kim Jin-young(김진영) in the dept. of Journalism and Mass communic...
Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief  |  2017-11-12 22:10
No.240 Crossword quiz answers
※ The representative of a gift voucher for this issue is An Chang-hyo(안창효) in the department of Mechanical Engineering. ...
Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief  |  2017-11-12 22:01
The Harry Potter Stories
Background of VoldemortTom Marvolo RiddleThe background of Voldemort came o...
By Lee Yun-kyeong,cub reporter  |  2016-12-06 07:11
The back story of Harry Potter, which even fans don’t know
The back story of Harry Potter, which even fans don’t know1. The Harry Pott...
Lee Hun, cub-reporter  |  2016-12-06 01:08
The age of Marvel
Marvel Studios is a subsidiary company of Marvel Comics. This studio makes ...
박현종  |  2016-11-19 23:25
Reaction to President-elect Trump and what it means for Korea
Leading up to the election in the US on November 8 it was pretty much assumed by most that the sure winner would be Hill...
Luke Hanson  |  2016-11-16 14:04
Is Donald working for Hillary?
After the first presidential debate and looking at the interaction between the two leading contenders in the running for...
Luke Hanson, revisior  |  2016-10-11 16:41
Welcome back to school
It’s time for another semester here at Changwon National University and a fresh new start. Welcome back students, facult...
Luke Hanson, reviser  |  2016-09-05 11:19
Introducing the 2016 STX
Introducing the 2016 STX Scholarship! We are asking for any who are interested in the scholarship to please apply!1. App...
Jung Seung-in  |  2015-11-09 15:04
At CWNU, there is a recruitment for ROTC cadets of both genders to select the 56th and 57th cadets.1.   &...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2015-03-30 18:13
How to enjoy the performance
 There are musicals, orchestras, plays, operas and so on. Where do you...
Im Guk-jin  |  2012-11-26 19:55
Difficulties of University Life
Lee Yu-ri (Dept. of Taxation ’12) Freshman I studied and did reports just by the teacher’s direction in high school...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2012-11-26 18:35
Unknown Days, Harmful Effects of Day Marketing
 In modern society, many common days are named by many companies for b...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2012-11-12 20:17
The Wrong Drinking Culture
 How often do you drink alcohol? How much alcohol do you drink? The po...
Im Guk-jin  |  2012-10-02 17:10
Do you know about the new library?
 Design of the new library was selected by CWNU in a new library desig...
Kim Dae-gon, Im Guk-jin  |  2012-09-17 20:37
2012 March Job Search Support Program
1.Cost of consultation: No charge.2.Eligible participants: All students and   graduates of CWNU3.How to apply:...
조영인  |  2012-03-20 19:16
Dae-gon's notice
2012 Spring Semester First Special Lectures in Foreign LanguagesWe have a useful chance to improve our foreign language ...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2012-03-05 16:01
Campus News Briefly
 'The Standard of Love and Sex' Lecture on April 9CWNU Comprehensive Human Resources Development Center's Sexual Vi...
Kim E-seul  |  2010-04-12 22:21
Campus News Briefly
 A Nano New Material Dept. of Engineering took Overseas Training in Japan A Nano New Material Dept. of Enginee...
Kim E-Seul  |  2010-03-02 22:21
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