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INKA ENTWORKS : Emphasis On Freedom
What is your dream company? Are you expecting to work with strict order of rank or cubicle desk? How about horizontal or...
Park Sarah  |  2015-05-26 18:41
Study for New Ideas
An idea is a thought or collection of thoughts that generate in the mind. It creates intentionally or sometimes without ...
Zeeshan Ure Rehman  |  2015-05-26 18:35
Start Praising Yourself
It's a tough world. People are pressed for time and busy enduring endless competition. The things that one can receive f...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-05-26 18:34
Premarital Cohabitation
Premarital cohabitation means that men and women live together before they get married. In the past, there was a stigma ...
Oh Yu-ju  |  2015-05-26 18:33
About the wall of prejudice
A few weeks ago, a post was registered on the free board of Waagle, the portal site of CWNU. It was about the sign attac...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-05-11 20:43
Spend a well-filled university life
We went through competitive examinations to enter University for 12 years from elementary school to high school. We have...
Kim Ji-hyun,Cho Young-kwon  |  2015-05-11 20:42
Face the Sewol Disaster
Since April 16th, 2014, many things have happened. Leaving 9 people missing...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-04-13 19:40
The innocent PhD Student
Sometime poor people eagerly want to buy some branded items, good food, Hi-Fi car and enjoy fancy styles. But lack of mo...
Zeeshan Ure Rehman  |  2015-04-13 19:38
Passion Pay
‘Passion pay’ means that an employer hires young applicants without any pay or low pay as an excuse of passion. Many emp...
Cho Yu-na  |  2015-04-13 19:37
Think Outside the Box
'A larva is generated naturally from rubbish'Surprisingly, people thought like this for 2,000 years. Besides, people usu...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-03-30 18:21
The Real Self-Management
"I don't like chubby people because they look careless to their management."A few years ago, a famous singer talked like...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-03-16 18:59
Knowing Yourself: to better our species
How would you describe your views? If you had to put it into words, what words would you choose to convey what your poin...
Luke Hanson  |  2015-03-02 18:19
New Start with the Campus Journal
Hello, everyone. I am the new editor-in-chief of the Campus Journal for 2015. Now, my heart is all aflutter with excitem...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-03-02 18:18
Privacy or Human rights?
There was a national outrage due to attacking young kids by a kindergarten teacher in In-cheon. As a consequence, the go...
Lee Ha-eun  |  2015-03-02 18:07
Intellectual Property Rights Education Program
Samsung and Apple’s patent war, and Yoo Byung-eun and his sons’ trademark rights did much to popularize intellectual pro...
Jeong Hwan-su  |  2014-12-01 18:45
Do you agree with having plastic surgery to get a job?
I totally agree with plastic surgery so I agree with ‘plastic surgery to get a job’ too. People think that someone’s app...
Jeong Won-kyeong, Cho Yu-na  |  2014-12-01 18:44
To the readers
From the moment The Campus Journal was launched in October 1987, people knew it would be special. Today, we published th...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2014-11-17 21:09
Shame on you!
These photos show our school last Sunday, October 26th, very well, and I have witnessed these scenes every semester for ...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2014-11-03 18:23
The Issue of Dispatching a Medical Team
Ebola is spreading not only in Africa but in North America. On Oct. 17th, Korea decided to dispatch a medical team. Some...
Lee Ha-eun  |  2014-11-03 18:22
To Get a Job
As many as one hundred thousand people looking for a job applied for SSAT (Samsung Aptitude Test) on October 12th. I als...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2014-10-20 18:16
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North Korea's Continued Provocation
[Social & Issue]
North Korea's Continued Provoc...
Trauma and PTSD
Trauma and PTSD
Roles of CWNU in Disappearing Areas and Youths
Roles of CWNU in Disappearing ...
Attracting Foreign Students and the Development of Changwon City
[Campus News]
Attracting Foreign Students an...
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