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기사 (전체 303건)
Is it safe to walk the streets alone at night?
What's the answer for this question? If you say "Yes", you must be a man.Nowadays we hear a lot of news about sexual cri...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-09-17 20:54
Come check out what we're doing!
1.     Department of Nursing Science will have a play performance during festival period. They will ...
Lim Se-jin  |  2012-09-17 20:35
Our readers' comments to paper
Kim Min-ji (Dept. of Free Major 12)It is good that most of articles weren't...
Kim jun hyeok  |  2012-09-17 20:29
Our promise of a better paper
Kim Gyeong-ah,Editor-in ChiefDelicious food can be defined as when people e...
Park Ji-min  |  2012-09-03 19:55
How to Study English?
 Prior to beginning this article, you should know there's more than one way to skin a cat.  There is your own ...
Jung Hwan-su, Lim Se-jin  |  2012-09-03 19:52
Let’s introduce our cub-reporter
Kim Jun-hyeokHello, I’m a sophomore in the dept. of Business Administration...
Park Ji-min  |  2012-09-03 19:46
Welcome to the New Campus Journal!
The second semester of 2012 has begun! Did you have a good time during your vacation? Maybe most students’ answer would ...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-09-03 19:39
The Family’s Month, May
In Korea, May is the best month to live comfortably and vibrantly because many plants make flowers and leaves and the su...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2012-05-21 18:12
Expo Yeosu 2012 Korea; a new advance into the world
    International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012, which is attr...
Park Ji-min  |  2012-05-21 12:54
The Meaning of Building Sejong City and Cases of Relocating the Administrative Capital Abroad
The selection of Sejong Special Autonomous City was the most notable outcom...
이정은  |  2012-05-08 19:44
A Change : part 2
In the last installment of this story I talked about the changes I encountered coming to this University and the changes...
Glenn Scott  |  2012-05-07 19:05
Gather roses while you may
“I told June once that I had decided to die at one corner at that time. Well, death appears to be simple to people of my...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-05-07 19:04
What is your color?
Recently, we voted in the general election. As you know, there was a little controversy about a Filipino woman who becam...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-05-07 19:04
The Devil Wears Prada
Emily : Miranda sacked the last two girls after only a few weeks. We need t...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-04-16 19:11
Difference Education Culture among Nations
University students, finished of their long-winded school days, make their exclusive cultures (not sure what this means-...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2012-04-16 19:03
Have I been studying English for 14 years?
English... now I'm a college senior, and have been studying English for 14 years, since third grade elementary school. S...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-04-16 17:23
People’s Dreams Come True in Audition Programs
 Do you know American Idol? Or have you heard about The X Factor? These are audition programs in other countries. M...
조영인  |  2012-04-02 20:07
The Negative Aspects of Audition Programs
Audition programs are currently all the rage. The Fever which started after Superstar K on cable TV in 2009 catches peop...
김대곤  |  2012-04-02 20:06
A Change: part 1
Changwon National University is the fifth school I have taught English at in Korea.  I have taught in two different...
Glenn Scott  |  2012-04-02 20:04
You Have a True Friend?
 Lately, relationships between friends have lots of problems of outcasts and violence etc. It has become the most i...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-04-02 20:03
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