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Is the 2016 minimum wage high enough?
The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced 2016 minimum-wage hike on Au...
Park Sarah  |  2015-08-31 13:37
Qualified beauty in CWNU
Q. Would you introduce yourself to the readers?Kim: My name is Kim Gyu-ri. I won first place in 2015 Miss Gyeongnam cont...
Jeong Seung-in  |  2015-05-26 18:38
What is Unification of North and South Korea for?
Do you know how the idea of ’Unification of North and South’ is made up? Although Korea achieved independence from Japan...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2015-05-26 18:32
Tongil Hanmadang Drawn By Us
Kyungnam Unification Education Center held ‘Tongil Hanmadang Drawn By Us‘ at CWNU General Education Center (Building 85)...
Kim Yu-jeong  |  2015-05-26 18:30
CWNU Wins Four National Canoe Races
 CWNU won the overall championships of the national canoe race. CWNU took 14 gold and 1 bronze medal at the 11th Ba...
Seong Jae-ho  |  2015-05-26 18:29
CWNU Practice True Love
On May 13th, CWNU invited 60 senior citizens who are disabled or live alone and distributed food to them at dormitory Bu...
Cho Yu-na  |  2015-05-26 18:27
Enhancing CWNU's Prestige
Lee Ha-eun  |  2015-05-11 20:38
Requirements to Graduate University
A few years back, most universities and colleges started a graduation certification system which became mandatory to gra...
Jeong Seung-in  |  2015-05-11 20:36
CWNU holds English Speech Contest
On April 29th, the Language Education Center hosted the English Speech Contest as part of the specialized business. It w...
Cho Yu-na  |  2015-05-11 20:24
Family: How close are you with your family?
Who is it that you spend a lot of time and are close with? It is family. Th...
Ma Jung-min  |  2015-05-11 16:40
Sam-duk Tong Sang: cooperate with North Korea
What would be needed for a company to be successful? The most important two...
Ma Jeong-min  |  2015-04-13 21:39
SNS: Stress or sharing information?
Have you ever used SNS? The more people that have smart phones, the use of ...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2015-04-13 19:35
The 4th Nightingale Swearing-in Ceremony
On April 7th, 2015, the Department of Nursing in CWNU held ‘The 4th Nightin...
Kim Yu- jeong  |  2015-04-13 19:33
Meaning of April
March tells of the start of spring and May is pleasing. What’s the meaning ...
Park Sarah  |  2015-04-13 19:33
The Beautiful Store: Sharing Brings Happiness
It is important that we know exactly what we want to do. If you are interes...
Lee Ha-eun  |  2015-03-30 18:32
The Various Spring Festivals in the World
 Most of people think that spring is the most beautiful season of the ...
Kim Yu jeong  |  2015-03-30 18:32
Run with Pace Maker!
Which club has won the enormous prizes in CWNU? That is ‘Pace Maker’, the e...
Oh Yu-ju  |  2015-03-30 18:28
Is it really new?
CWNU's new student dormitory ‘BTL (Built Transfer Lease)’ was completed ear...
Jeong Seung-in  |  2015-03-30 18:05
Sexual Molestation Occurrence at CWNU
Recently, sexual molestation in universities is becoming more widespread. It is shocking because most of us expect high ...
Park Sarah  |  2015-03-30 18:03
Congratulations on CWNU’s Birthday!
CWNU held the 46th anniversary of its foundation and the 1st Proud CWNU’s P...
Seong Jaeho  |  2015-03-30 18:01
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Is Tokyo ready for the 2020 Olympics?
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Is Tokyo ready for the 2020 Ol...
Beautiful Korea: Exploring Korean Cultural Heritage
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