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기사 (전체 485건)
The Final Days of ‘Saerogochim (F5)’
‘Saerogochim (F5)’, the General Student Association, which held their inauguration ceremony last April, is now finalizin...
Jung Hye-jung  |  2014-12-01 18:47
SMC: Fostering and Supporting Creative Engineers
Do you know about CWNU Specialized businesses? One of them is The Smart Mec...
Lee Ha-eun  |  2014-12-01 18:36
Employment and Finance Military Academy
A military academy is a place where soldiers are trained to become officers...
Seong Jaeho  |  2014-12-01 18:35
Congratory messages from seniors
Hello. I am Yu Miri. I wrote articles for the 1st CWNU Campus JournalI sincerely congratulate the Campus Journal on its ...
Yu mi-ri&Baek Gyeong-hui  |  2014-11-17 21:15
Celebrate The Campus Journal’s 200th Issue!
The 200th issue of the Campus Journal has been published. Thanks to the efforts and passion of the reporters, the Campus...
Cho Hyorae (editor-in-chief,  |  2014-11-17 21:15
Celebrate The Campus Journal’s 200th Issue!
I sincerely celebrate the 200th issue of The Campus Journal with all members. I am deeply moved as a publisher and one o...
Lee, Changyu  |  2014-11-17 21:12
CWNU Signs Agreement with Mongolia University
CWNU signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Mongolia University of Science and Technology (MUST) about an academic ex...
Seong Jaeho  |  2014-11-17 21:08
Webzine, CWNU’s New Newsletter
CWNU is now publishing “Webzine,” an electronic newspaper. CWNU released its first issue at the Webzine opening ceremony...
Seong Jaeho  |  2014-11-17 21:07
History of The Campus Journal
1. A chronology of The Campus JournalOct. 1987 Had an inaugural meeting with the slogan, 'Alive vigorous brushstrokes'.A...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2014-11-17 21:07
CWNU selected for ‘department of masterpiece’ project
The Departments of Microbiology and Mechanical Engineering were CWNU were chosen on October 29th to participate in the ‘...
Yujeong Kim  |  2014-11-17 21:05
What do you Know about The Campus Journal?
The 200th issue of The Campus Journal has been published, so we conducted a...
Cho Yu-na  |  2014-11-17 21:02
Congratulations on the 200th Issue!
I don’t know exactly when, but it has been quite a long time since Chang-won-dae Sinmoon worked together with The Campus...
Lee Ha-eun  |  2014-11-17 20:50
Job Training Programs Help Students Create Opportunities
How do I get a job? Can I survive in society? Most third and fourth-year university students worry about the problem of ...
Jung Hye-jung  |  2014-11-03 18:30
Submit Reports and Essays for a Competition
There are many specialized enterprises for students at CWNU. One is a ‘Report or Lecture Competition’ that is happening ...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2014-11-03 18:29
Do you Lack Money at the End of the Month?
Do you want to know how much CWNU students spend every month, and what they spend money on? We conducted a survey of 400...
Cho Yu-na  |  2014-11-03 18:20
CWNU, Painting Mural at Jirisan Dulle-gil Farming Village
CWNU students are praised in the community because they donated their talent to paint murals at Jirisan Dulle-gil Farmin...
Yujeong Kim  |  2014-11-03 18:18
Humanities Breaks Social Barriers
The CWNU Humanities Center held a “Diversity Film Festival” from a humanities perspective from October 27th to November ...
Lee Ha-eun  |  2014-11-03 18:17
Disregard for Safety on the CWNU roads
Recently, an accident occurred at Pangyo Techno Valley, in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province. A ventilation grate that people ...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2014-11-03 18:15
A New scholarship for the School of Global business
What conditions are needed to get a scholarship or to get some financial benefit from CWNU? Good grades? High scores in ...
Oh Yu-ju  |  2014-10-20 18:26
Female ROTC: Not only for Men
Have you ever heard about the ‘female ROTC’? We used to see some ROTC cadets wearing their uniforms, leading university ...
Choi Hyeon-kyeong  |  2014-10-20 18:24
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