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CWNU ranked first in admission competition Choi Deok-Yeon 2010-10-04 19:56
Dae-dong-je festival: A story of 41 years & one message Seong Jae-Ho 2010-10-04 19:53
A taste of Japan Cecil Hwang 2010-10-04 19:09
Preserving Korea's Artistic Tradition Daren Jonescu 2010-10-04 19:09
CWNU expands Job Skills Improvement Training Program Kim Do-Yeon 2010-09-13 15:48
Job search fever Kim E-Seul 2010-09-13 15:47
CWNU’s policy on supporting freshmen Ko Hye-Young 2010-09-13 15:46
CWNU develops ‘iPhone’ application for entrance examination PR Kim Sung-Min 2010-09-13 15:45
Kang Dae-Woong won a prize of excellent oral presentation Ko Hye-Young 2010-09-13 15:37
“Camp for the Enhancement of Leadership” Kang In-Jung 2010-09-13 15:31
Surprising progress for Foreign students Ahn Seong-Bin 2010-09-13 15:30
Internet broadcast ‘Netporter’ with CWNU media center Kim Do-Yean 2010-09-13 15:29
The presentation for grounds-turfing project Ryu Seung-Bong 2010-09-13 15:21
Opening Ceremony Held in the Media Center Kang In-Jung 2010-09-13 15:20
Systematic Career Designing through Career Camp Choi Deok-Yoon 2010-09-13 15:18
A blessing in disguise Ock Jin-Young 2010-09-13 14:58
Lee Jae Hui’s getting a job study Seong Jae-Ho 2010-09-13 14:56
Chusok and Korean women cile Hwang 2010-09-13 14:55
Sitting On a Bus Daren Jonescu 2010-09-13 14:51
Build Your Own Car with AK Gwon Ji-Un 2010-09-13 14:32
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