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기사 (전체 211건)
Do you know the LEC?
 What is the Language Education Center (LEC)? LEC is located in the College of Social Sciences (Building 22). LEC o...
Park Ji-min  |  2011-03-02 18:57
A little attention from you will make an Industrial medical school
 CWNU has held the inauguration ceremony for its drive to establish an industrial medical school, and has gotten to...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2011-03-02 18:57
Tips to freshmen for a successful college life!
 The university is very different when compared with high school. From now on you are no longer a teenager. This me...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2011-03-02 18:54
From now on, we are also students of CWNU
 At Feb. 23 (Wed), there was an entrance ceremony for freshmen. This y...
Kim E-seul  |  2011-03-02 18:43
Exciting Fukuoka: Important tourist city displays Japan's past and present
Fukuoka is a city located in the northwest of Kyushu, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. As of 2008, about 1.5 million people li...
Gwon Ji-Un  |  2010-11-23 17:17
Don’t Hide Your Talent
Most students concentrate their whole mind upon study. I want all Borim stu...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2010-11-23 17:13
Pepero Day in Korea
Last Wednesday, Nov. 10th, my daughter came home with packages of long, thin, chocolate coated biscuits. I welcomed her ...
Cecile Hwang  |  2010-11-23 17:11
Seoul National University Prof. Noh Tae-Won’s Special Lecture in Physics
November 5, CWNU invited Prof. Noh Tae-Won (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy,...
Kim Do-yeon  |  2010-11-23 17:08
The 22nd Bongrim Software Exhibition
In the Dept. of Computer Engineering at CWNU, the Bongrim Software Exhibiti...
Ko Hye-young  |  2010-11-23 17:07
Inaugural Social Venture Contest
The first Social Venture Contest was held at the Sarim hall of CWNU on Octo...
Kang In-jung  |  2010-11-23 17:07
2010 Blood Donation Campaign of Love
On November 2nd and 3rd, CWNU held the ‘2010 Blood donation campaign of lov...
Kim Do-yeon  |  2010-11-23 17:06
Dept. of Dance Kim Tae-Hun Dance Company Awarded Silver Prize
The Department of Dance’s Kim Tae-Hun Dance Company was awarded the silver ...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2010-11-23 17:05
Kim Tae-En is rising star on the national canoe team
  Kim Tae-En, a canoeist from the Dept. of Physical Education, is one of Korea’s best prospects for winning the gol...
Kim Sung-min  |  2010-11-23 17:03
CWNU’s exchange agreement with Laotian university
  CWNU entered into an interchange agreement with Souphanouvong Univer...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2010-11-23 17:02
Meritzfire 88 anniversary of the founding
  The university students marketing contest exhibit  was held at ...
Gwon Ji-un  |  2010-11-23 17:01
CWNU Proceeds with Establishment of Industrial Medical College
CWNU said that it is pushing forward with the establishment of an industrial medical college to improve workers’ health ...
Seong Jae-ho  |  2010-11-23 16:49
Candidates Vow Major Improvements to Campus Life at CWNU
CWNU will hold general elections on November 24th. The general elections co...
Ahn Seong-bin  |  2010-11-23 16:48
International Relations holds UNCCD COP10 conference
 In commemoration of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertifi...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2010-11-23 16:46
Going downhill
 A female student who is usually active and cheerful was suddenly quie...
Cecile Hwang  |  2010-11-01 19:10
Korea’s educational goals (Part 2)
 When students finish high school, they should have the basic knowledg...
Daren Jonescu  |  2010-11-01 19:09
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