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Selected as Gyeongnam’s First Free Icon, 365 Co., Ltd
CWNU's Startup Support Center announced on November 2nd that 365 Co., L...
By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-20 23:45
Visually Impaired, Surviving a Drought of Information
These days, people are living in an era of the so- called 'information ...
By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-20 23:45
Gwanghwamun Restored to the Original State After 100 Years: ‘The King’s Road’ Reopens
On October 15, the Cultural Heritage Administration held an event at the pl...
By Kim Na-young, reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:40
New Univ. President Candidate Verification Delay, Raises Vacancy Concerns
The concerns are rising as the election of the 9th CWNU President is being ...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:40
2023 University's Festival Successfully Completed
The university's festival, 'Hwayangyeonhwa,' was held from Octo...
By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:39
For a Larger World; Multi Cultural Supporters
Multi Cultural Supporters from CWNU’s Multicultural Promotion Agency partic...
By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:39
Multicultural Emergency Team Wins at Youth Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Competition
On October 13th, the, "Multicultural Emergency Team," comprised of foreign ...
By Kim Min-seong, reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:39
Teenage Loving Entertainment Trend; Adolescents and Parents' Opinions
Recently, various entertainment shows on the theme of dating between adult ...
By Seo Ji-min, reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:38
Filming Illegal Videos in Women's Restrooms: Not 'Sexual Exploitation?’
The judgments of the first and second trials differed on whether the illega...
By Park Jeong-hyeon, reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:38
Militant Group Hamas Strikes Israel
On October 7, the militant group Hamas launched hundreds of rockets into Is...
By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:38
Relaxation of Restrictions of Public Service: Sex Offenders
In November 2019, a man known as A, who was preparing for the civil service...
By Seo Ji-min, reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:03
Media Reports Encouraging Copycat Crimes
On September 12, Choi Yoon- jong, a murderer, stated that he planned to com...
By Seo Ji-min, reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:03
CWNU Alumni Showcasing Skills at International Competitions
The postponed 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games due to the COVID- 19 pandemic concl...
By Kim Min-seong, reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:03
Bongrim Hall Completes Student-Centered Environment Project
On August 22, CWNU announced the completion of the student cafeteria remode...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:02
'Golden Generation,' New Record of Asian Games
The South Korean swimming team won a total of 22 medals at the Hangzhou Asi...
By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:02
Chuseok: Comprehensive Coverage of International Students' Holidays
Unlike Koreans who spend time with their parents or relatives during the ho...
By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:02
CWNU Develops Sensors to Differentiate BPA and BPS
A research team led by honorary professor Lee Yong- il of the Department of...
By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:02
ChatGPT, Now Becoming Human-Like?
Since the release of ChatGPT, there has been a significant increase in the ...
By Park Jeong-hyeon, reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:02
The Emergence of MZ Gangsters, Even Gangster Youtubers Appear
On August 2, an incident occurred in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where Mr. Shin drov...
By Kim Na-young, reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:02
CWNU Table Tennis Team's Park Ji-eun Achieves National Team Selection
CWNU’s table tennis player, Park Ji- eun, has been selected for the nationa...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-10-04 01:16
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