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YouTubers Invite People to Learn about Korea
YouTube is a great way to discover and experience new things. YouTubers can...
By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter  |  2019-11-20 14:18
Global Warming: A Crisis of the 21st Century
Global warming, defined as the gradual rise in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, is beli...
By Engr. Tauseef Ahmed  |  2019-10-02 20:18
Introducing the Gyeongnam Migrant Community Center!
Introducing the Gyeongnam Migrant Community Center!People who come to Korea...
By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter  |  2019-09-18 22:42
Do You Agree to Install CCTV in the Operating Room?
We can easily find CCTV around us. It was set up for the prevention of crim...
By Bae Yun-bin  |  2019-06-06 17:27
What Do You Like About The School Cafeteria?
As Changwon University is quite big in size, there are 3 cafeterias on camp...
Han Si-In  |  2019-05-26 22:37
What Do You Think about the Unification of South and North Korea?
Moon Jae-In’s current government is in power, and has an increased interest...
Seo Seong-il, reporter  |  2019-03-28 18:03
What do you think about the policy of blocking https
What Do You Think About The Policy of Blocking https?The government has rec...
Seo Seong-Il, reporter  |  2019-02-28 12:58
Am I carboydrate addict
Am I carbohydrate addict? Our recommended daily intake of carbohydrates is ...
Seo Seong-Il, cub-reporter  |  2018-09-30 18:24
if you die tomorrow, what you will do today?
Will today be normal when you know you'll die tomorrow? An Existentialist answer would be ‘yes’. Existentialists thi...
Seo Seong-Il cub-reporter  |  2018-09-16 14:30
From Crisis to Solution : McDonalds’s Signature Burger
McDonalds is a hamburger company with the concept of quickly serving high-q...
Seo Seong-Il, cub-reporter  |  2018-05-26 17:51
Editor's Choice Movie : Mommy
Xavier Dolan – Tadros is a man whom the film director and actor Canne...
By Lee Yun-kyeong,cub reporter  |  2016-12-06 07:10
Villain’s war in the madhouse Asula
The movie Asula means mankind between the world of beasts and the human world. The World of Asula is a place of fighting...
By Choi Ga-yun, cub-reporter  |  2016-10-11 16:23
Reporter’s choice: Inuyasha
Reporter’s choice: InuyashaAs I am a big fan of Japanese animation, I spent my vacation watching a series called Inuyash...
Park Hyun-jong, cub-reporter  |  2016-09-27 10:47
Reporter's choice: The Notebook
After watching the movie About Time starring Rachel McAdams, I tried to fin...
Jeong Seung-in, reporter  |  2016-09-05 11:02
The Devil Wears Prada
Emily : Miranda sacked the last two girls after only a few weeks. We need t...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-04-16 19:11
  이번 호는 본 코너의 1학기 마지막 호이다.  1학기 마지막 주제는 “세금(tax)"이다.  세금에 관한 표현 중 가장 흔히 쓰는 표현은 ”income tax(소득세)“ 와 ”sales...
Lee Hyun-young  |  2010-06-07 22:22
 지난 호에서 “투자(investment)" 문제와 관련된 표현을 익혔는데, 이번 호도 이 주제를 계속 이어 이번 호에는 투자의 다양화(diversify)와 관련된 표현들을 익혀보자.  힘들게 모은...
Lee Hyun-young  |  2010-05-24 10:16
 이번호 Business English 주제는 "투자(investments)" 이다.  우리뿐 아니라, 서양에서도 월...
Lee Hyun-Young  |  2010-05-10 10:16
비지니스 상황
 비즈니스 상황에서 자신의 회사나 담당 업무와 관련 있는 외국인 파트너 혹은 고객을 공항에서 처음 만나거나, 긴 회의 중간 휴...
Lee Hyun-Young  |  2010-04-26 10:16
Customer Service
 이번 호에서는 기업의 고객서비스(Customer Service)를 화두로 삼고자한다.  판매하고자 하는 제품의 질이나 가격, 혹은 가게의 경우 가게의 위치와 같은 사업의 성패를 좌지우지하는 요인 ...
Lee Hyun-young  |  2010-04-12 10:55
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