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Thanks for your laborious task
 I met Kim Gil-Gon, a security guard at the College of Arts. 1. W...
Sung Jae-Ho  |  2010-04-26 09:23
‘Lee Ye-Won’ Selected to Member of the National Table Tennis Team
 Lee Ye-Won(Dept. of Physical Education, 07) was selected to a member ...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-04-12 21:56
Newly Opened Department in CWNU: Dept. of Nursing
 In 2010, Dept. of Nursing newly opened in CWNU. Dept. of Nursing is e...
Choi Duck-Yoon  |  2010-03-29 21:53
The Glorious Student Entered TOP
 Lee Sae-Nal (Dept. of Tax Management. 20101222) student who entered u...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-03-15 21:53
Jang Won-Ang, King of Contest
 CNU Dept. of Information & Communication Engineering Jang Won-Ang won...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-03-02 21:52
For the best Teamwork We won First Prize in robot contest
 2009 National university student invention and autonomy robot contest was held in CECO(Changwon convention center)...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-12-07 22:25
Study Abroad under the Support of School
 I met Song Jae-Won, the student of the Dept.of Electrical Engineering...
Kang In-Jung  |  2009-12-07 13:16
First I take 1.67, Now I take All A+
 The Start is Gloomy, but I did All A+ What is the secret to main...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-11-23 21:50
Prof. Park elected the President in the KDAS
 Professor Park Hi - Chang of Dept. of Statistics of College of Natura...
Choi Duck-Yoon  |  2009-11-23 17:01
What do you think of The Campus Journal?
 Reporter : Do you know 'The Campus Journal' that is a newspaper in English reporting news on CNU ?  Interview...
Hwang Dong-Hyun  |  2009-11-09 16:59
The director of a library, creating an academic atmosphere
 There are a committee for library management trying to create an acad...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2009-11-09 16:59
Catholic Stuednts Club
 This time, we interviewed Catholic Student’s Club. The club room is l...
Hwan Dong-Hyun  |  2009-11-09 16:59
Bring up global Competitive Power with One-to-One
  We met Kim Young-Woo a senior student in Dept. of International Rela...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2009-10-26 16:59
English Lounge always Open
 We met Yu Sang-Jo, a senior student in Dept. of Information & Communi...
Kang In-Jung  |  2009-10-12 16:58
How about studying abroad
 It is difficult to be a globally competent person. Because a study abroad costs for us much money. So CNU decided ...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2009-09-28 16:58
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