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기사 (전체 485건)
The 30th Periodical Concert
 On Thursday May 9th at 19:30, the 30th Periodical Concert was held by...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2013-05-20 19:53
The Journey to Find Truth
 On May 8, 2013, Documentary director Kim Sung-hwan gave a lecture at ...
Jeong Eun-su  |  2013-05-20 16:43
4.19 Revolution Marathon at CWNU
 In 1960, the 4.19 Revolution broke out to realize liberal democracy. ...
Lim Se-jin  |  2013-05-06 19:59
College of Liberal Arts Raises Money for Hall of Humanities
CWNU’s College of Liberal Arts has longed to have a lecture theatre over th...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2013-05-06 19:55
A Special Lecture at the Gyeong-nam Woman’s Leader Course
On April 9, 2013, the Gyeongnam Women’s Leader Course entrance ceremony was...
Jeong Eun-su  |  2013-05-06 11:07
Youth, Overseas Expansion
 On April 19, 2013 there was a special lecture with the theme, “Youth,...
Lim Guk-jin  |  2013-05-06 11:06
In favor of the state scholarship
Currently, the major issue among college students is tuition. Students have...
Kim jun-hyeok  |  2013-04-16 12:00
Misappropriated Use of School Funds
One student posted a demand for a budget statement on the message board. Th...
Lim Se-jin  |  2013-04-15 19:56
The Second Nightingale Swearing-in Ceremony
 On April 9, 2013, the Second Nightingale swearing-in ceremony was hel...
Kwon ji-un  |  2013-04-15 12:00
Job Success Leader Special Lecture
 Last March 27, 2013, Oh Yeon-ah (Dept. of the Taxation, ’07) gave the...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2013-04-01 19:44
Interested in a Working Holiday?
 On March 20, 2013 at 3:00, a Working Holiday presentation was given i...
Lim Guk-jin  |  2013-04-01 19:33
Plan Your Youth!
Q) Can you briefly introduce yourself?A) Nice to meet you. My name is Lee Yeonjin. I am a representative of Choeongchunm...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2013-03-18 20:05
CWNU Clubs Welcoming Freshmen
 Clubs belonging to CWNU had an annual event from March 6 to 8 in fron...
Lim Se-jin  |  2013-03-18 20:05
Entrance Ceremony with Department Chair Guem Nan-sae
 On March 4, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. there was a CWNU entrance ceremony at ...
Im Guk-jin  |  2013-03-18 11:38
The 2013 orientation and retreat for freshmen
 The orientation for 2013’s freshmen was held on February 19, 2013. Th...
Lim Se-jin  |  2013-03-04 20:55
CWNU Plants Seeds of Hope in Nepal
 CWNU’s Overseas Volunteers composed of sixteen members from the facul...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2013-03-04 20:51
The 31st graduation ceremony
 The 31st graduation ceremony was held at Education Hall on Friday, Fe...
Lim Se-jin  |  2013-03-04 20:50
Spec? Stop!
The second semester is drawing to an end! In other words, the graduation season is upon most seniors.. You may feel cons...
Hye-in Lee  |  2012-12-10 18:46
What kinds of things do companies want job seekers to have?
The time stole like an arrow. Another year is almost gone already. For stud...
Park Ji-min  |  2012-12-10 16:57
International Student Day for 2012 was held
On November 30th, International Student Day was held for about 300 foreign students attending our university at Sarim St...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2012-12-10 16:51
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