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Campus News Briefly
 'The Standard of Love and Sex' Lecture on April 9CWNU Comprehensive Human Resources Development Center's Sexual Vi...
Kim E-seul  |  2010-04-12 22:21
Academic Exchange with Yanbian University
 On April 23th, CWNU president Park Seong-Ho visited China. He success...
Kang In-Jung  |  2010-04-12 21:26
The Transport Machine Security Conference
 CWNU and its affilieated companies sponsored "The Transport Machine Security Conference" which was held ...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-04-12 21:24
Lecture by Personnel Manager of 'STX Offshore & Shipbuilding'
 On March 31, 'Industry-University Cooperation Foundation' hosted a special lecture as a part of specialist trainin...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2010-04-12 21:23
'Language Training Abroad' Popular with Participants
 The CWNU Language Education Center (LEC) had a briefing session about the ‘2009 winter season Language Training Ab...
Kim E-seul  |  2010-04-12 21:23
A School Library for the Public
 The special system of lending books to inhabitants of Gyeongsang province has received a hearty welcome from the p...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2010-04-12 21:22
CWNU Awarded Support for Education Empowerment Project
 CWNU was selected as 2nd place in the ceremony held last March 18 for the Education Empowerment Project. CWNU acco...
Ryu Seung-Bong  |  2010-04-12 21:22
Customer Service
 이번 호에서는 기업의 고객서비스(Customer Service)를 화두로 삼고자한다.  판매하고자 하는 제품의 질이나 가격, 혹은 가게의 경우 가게의 위치와 같은 사업의 성패를 좌지우지하는 요인 ...
Lee Hyun-young  |  2010-04-12 10:55
The mystery in 'Shutter Island'
 omeone disappeared without a trace. An incident which a patient disap...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2010-03-29 22:31
“Hedwig And the Angry Inch” finally comes to Masan.
 he musical will be performed in Masan MBC Hall from May 1 to 2. In th...
Kang In-Jung  |  2010-03-29 22:30
Newly Opened Department in CWNU: Dept. of Nursing
 In 2010, Dept. of Nursing newly opened in CWNU. Dept. of Nursing is e...
Choi Duck-Yoon  |  2010-03-29 21:53
Having a Competitive Edge
 I know well the limitation of my ability.  I am avaricious and a...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2010-03-29 21:47
Hope for Improvement of General Study
by Hwang Sung-JuDept. of Tax Management I entered general study that was established newly at 2009. At first meetin...
Hwang Sung-Ju  |  2010-03-29 21:37
V-Day Campaign in Changwon City
 V-Day Campaign has been successfully held for the first time in Chang...
Corbit wells  |  2010-03-29 21:37
Seminar in the Dept. of Biology and Physics
 CWNU recently held two seminars designed to boost the general knowledge and meet the interests of our students. Th...
Kim E-Seul  |  2010-03-29 21:21
General Students’ Association reports to Student Representatives
 On March 17th, there was a regular meeting of student representatives...
Ryu Seung-Bong  |  2010-03-29 21:19
Center for Offshore Engineering Offers Helpful Programs
 CWNU Plant & Competent Person Training Center has three aims in general.   The first aim is to train stu...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-03-29 21:19
Lee Hyeon-Ho elected E.W.C. President
 The 6th election of the Employment Welfare Committee (E.W.C.) took pl...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-03-29 21:18
CWNU Celebrate the 41st Anniversary of its Founding
 On March 19th, a ceremony was held to recognize the 41st anniversary ...
Ryu Seung-Bong  |  2010-03-29 21:17
Lecture by CEO of Hyundai-Wia
 On March 11, 'School of Nano & Advanced Materials Engineering' hosted a special lecture. A guest speaker was Lim H...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2010-03-29 21:16
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