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The end of 2012
  This month is December 2012, which many predictions say will be the end of the world. For example, the Mayan cale...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-12-10 15:45
A leader
A leader I have been a leader of various clubs for university students. But these experiences left much to be desir...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-11-26 14:33
Graduating class,that most joyful grade in college
I would unhesitatingly choose now which is my happiest time in college. Actually, senior year is a lonely grade because ...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-11-12 20:43
What will you do after midterm exams?
Kim Do-yeon, School of Architecture '10  After exams, I am going to study TOEIC and computer to obtain a license. I...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2012-10-29 20:14
Did you cheat on your midterms?
Cheating on tests and exams is a tradition as old as education. Dishonesty is a natural temptation of the human mind, an...
Daren Jonescu  |  2012-10-29 20:12
Sarim Leaders Club
Do you know about work clubs in the school? Among several work clubs in the...
Im Guk-jin  |  2012-10-29 20:11
My dream
I want to tell you my personal story in this issue. This is about my dream. When I was a freshman, I started to write a ...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-10-29 20:08
Our readers' comments to paper
   Actually, I’m a maniac for the Campus Journal. There are many ...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-10-29 20:07
Confess your love right now!
 October 16 at 2 p.m., comedian Kim Jae-dong visited CWNU for a lectur...
kim jun-hyeok  |  2012-10-29 20:06
Is it safe to walk the streets alone at night?
What's the answer for this question? If you say "Yes", you must be a man.Nowadays we hear a lot of news about sexual cri...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-09-17 20:54
words of love
I have to tell you this and you need to hear itI've loved you since I met y...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2012-03-05 16:25
test your personality
▣ Test ▣01 You are going to decorate your room with roses from the flower garden.    How many roses do you wan...
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2012-03-05 16:23
Mystery lines in the Nazca desert
Have you ever heard about Nazca Lines? Nazca lines are gigantic geoglyphs o...
Kim Do-yeon  |  2012-03-05 16:22
1. The Giwa Roof
It is exciting to start a new-semester. But it’s sad that I can no longer e...
Jeong Hwan-su  |  2012-03-05 16:16
What is the National Scholarship?
Although our per capita national income is 49th in the world, college tuition in Korea is rated number two in the world....
Choi Deok-yoon  |  2012-03-05 16:14
The frustrations of language study
Most Korean university students take at least one English class. Some of you will take many English classes. Maybe you a...
Daren Jonescu  |  2012-03-05 16:13
English Camps Held Successfully at the LEC
CWNU’s Language Education Center offered a four-week English Camp for fresh...
Lee Jung-eun  |  2012-03-05 16:11
Overseas Volunteer Program in Cambodia
Q. Why did you decide to apply for the overseas volunteers program?A. First...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-03-05 16:10
Increasing Competition to Enter CWNU
CWNU announced an increase in the college applications for the school year 2012. Despite its admission quota of 1,094 st...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2012-03-05 16:07
A Better Newspaper
Hello everyone!! I am the new editor-in-chief of the English newspaper in 2012. I am so excited to publish my first news...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-03-05 16:06
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